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Join us each Tuesday and Wednesday as we explore multiple preparations of a featured ingredient, complemented by the freshest flavors the seasons have to offer. 4 courses / $49.

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Tuesday & Wednesday, February 28th & March 1st-Deep Water Crab

1st Course-Jonah Crab Salad

avocado, winter melon, mustard oil

2nd Course-Crab Spaghetti

bucatini, dungeness crab, ‘amatriciana’

3rd Course-Veal Oscar

jumboo lump maryland crab, bearnaise, potato puree

Dessert-Mascarpone Cheese Ganache

strawberries, pistachio







Interested in catering?

Blackfish offers an array of possibilities for special events and parties. Events range from an exclusive private event in our dining room to intimate parties at your home.

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